Plasticizer DMP Kospol Sds For Sale In Kenya

dowanol™ dpm glycol ether | dow inc.

DOWANOL™ DPM Glycol Ether | Dow Inc.

Mid-to slow evaporating solvent. Has 100% water solubility and is ideally suited as a coupling agent in a wide range of solvent systems. Has a higher flash point than DOWANOL™ PM glycol ether making it easier to handle, store, and ship. Often incorporated into latex emulsion coatings; can be used to prevent shocking (coagulation of emulsion) when hydrophobic solvents are used.

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general plastics limited

General Plastics Limited

General Plastics is the premier manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging in Kenya and the East Africa region. Our product range includes plastic bottles, jars, tubs, closures, caps and pumps. Our customers cover the personal care, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, agro-industrial, automotive lubricants,chemical and the household products markets.

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plasticizer dioctyl phthalate

Plasticizer Dioctyl Phthalate

Plasticizer Dioctyl Phthalate Page 1 of 8. SHORT TERM EFFECTS: May cause irritation. Additional effects may include nausea. LONG TERM EFFECTS: May cause numbness. SKIN CONTACT: SHORT TERM EFFECTS: May cause irritation. LONG TERM EFFECTS: No information is available. 1OHS06440 Page 002 of 008

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safety data sheet (sds) - hb chemical

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - HB Chemical

SDS Prepared By (w Suppliers Input): HB Chemical Chemical Name / Family: Di-isodecyl phthalate Molecular Formula: C28H46O4 Molecular Weight via GPC, Mn: 446.67 Product Use: Plasticizer OSHA Status: Non-hazardous CAS No: 68515-49-1 For emergency health, safety, and environmental information, calls 330-920-8023.

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safety data sheet (sds) - hb chemical

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - HB Chemical

MSDS Prepared By (w Suppliers Input): HB Chemical Chemical Name / Family: Tri(2-Ethylhexyl) Trimellitate CAS No: 003319-31-1 Product Use: Plasticizer OSHA Status Not Hazardous For emergency health, safety, and environmental information, calls 330-920-8023 For emergency transportation information, in the United States: call CHEMTREC at 800-424 ..

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safety data sheet spartan chemical company, inc.

Safety Data Sheet Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.

for safety data sheets, and for workplace labels of non-pesticide chemicals. Following is the hazard information as required on the pesticide label: EPA Pesticide Label: DANGER. Corrosive. Causes irreversible eye damage. Harmful if absorbed through the skin. Harmful if swallowed. Do not get in eyes, skin or on clothing.

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sds copolymer polypropylene - global plastics

SDS Copolymer Polypropylene - Global Plastics

SDS Copolymer Polypropylene 21 Downing Street Front 1 New York, NY 10014 (Domestic) 1-800 417-4605 (International) +1-646-790-7200 DISCLAIMER Caution do not use Global Star Plastics materials in applications involving implantation within the body direct or indirect

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plasticizers and solvents

Plasticizers and Solvents

DMP Dimethyl phthalate C 6H 4(COOCH 3) 2 194 Colorless clear liquid ≦30 1.192± 0.003 ≦0.05 1.0 282 《101kPa》 0 [13] 156 220kg Drum Good compatibility with nitrocellulose and acetylcellulose resin. High performance for light resistance. High volatility. Slightly soluble in water. Plasticizer for nitrocellulose, acetylcellulose and rubber.

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safety data sheet - wm plastics inc


W.M. Plastics, Inc. 5301 Terminal Street, Charlotte NC, 28208 Emergency telephone number Company Phone Number Non-emergency 1 704 599 0511 24 Hour Emergency Phone Number Infotrac 1 -800 535 0853 24 Hour (US & Canada) Emergency Telephone Infotrac 1 -352 323 3500 (International) 2.

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material safety data sheet high density polyethylene (hdpe)


Page 4 of 6 Issue No. 01 / 03 / 2016 Rev. No. 00 / 03 / 2016 PARC/MSDS § Skin and body Hot material: Wear heat-resistant protective gloves, clothing and face shield able to withstand the temperature

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products and solutions - lanxess

Products and Solutions - LANXESS

Environmentally friendly forms of mobility are necessary for our future. Our High-Performance plastics Durethan®, Pocan® and Tepex® are lightweight solutions for future forms of mobility. But these thermoplastic components are also used in the electrical and electronic industries.

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technical data sheets and sds | general plastics

Technical Data Sheets and SDS | General Plastics

Technical Data Sheets and SDS *Please note that all MSDS are now Safety Data Sheets (SDS) that reflect the new GHS standards.

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technical and safety data sheets | resene automotive

Technical and Safety Data Sheets | Resene Automotive

SDS AEROSOL ZINC PRIMER 350ML 6819. AEROSOL ZINC PRIMER 350ML 6819. FKS146. Consumables. SDS FKS146: Consumables: SDS AEROSOL SATIN BLACK 350ML. AEROSOL SATIN BLACK 350ML. FKS147. Consumables. SDS FKS147: Consumables: SDS ..

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download s.d.s (safety data sheets) | csl document library

Download S.D.S (Safety Data Sheets) | CSL Document Library

S.D.S (Safety Data Sheets) All SDS should be listed below as a PDF download link on each product in our on-line catalogue. Simply find the product name and click the download link. If the SDS you want is still not available please let us know and we will provide one by email: [email protected]

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msds sheets, sds sheets, material safety data sheets

MSDS Sheets, SDS Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets

Techni-Tool's MSDS or SDS Safety Data Sheets from chemical manufacturers, contains information for material safety, safety data, handling, shipping, and chemical properties.

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safety data sheet product no. 18042 dmp-30, dmp-30 kit

Safety Data Sheet Product No. 18042 DMP-30, DMP-30 Kit

DMP-30 ( 90-72-2) EINECS: 202-013-9 50-100% ND ND No No No Section 4: First Aid Measures If accidental overexposure is suspected Systems of poisoning may even occur after several hours; therefore medical observation for at least 48 hours after the accident. Eye(s) Contact: Rinse opened eye for several minutes under running water. If symptoms ..

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safety data sheet unleaded petrol 95 - q4

Safety Data Sheet Unleaded Petrol 95 - Q4

Safety Data Sheet Unleaded Petrol 95 Version 1.02 Revision Date 08.05.2013 Print Date 08.05.2013 100000003559 2/6 Inhalation Move to fresh air in case of accidental inhalation of vapours. If breathing is irregular or stopped, administer artificial respiration.

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plasticizers pds| exxonmobil chemical

Plasticizers PDS| ExxonMobil Chemical

Learn more about ExxonMobil Chemical Jayflex plasticizers grades and their applications through product data sheets.

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safety data sheet polypropylene pellets/ resin

SAFETY DATA SHEET Polypropylene Pellets/ Resin

Microsoft Word - NEW PP SDS 1000 Series 7.20.15 Author: johnnya Created Date: 8/7/2015 8:56:29 AM ..

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sds - services for plastics

SDS - Services For Plastics

To view the SDS for a product, click on the appropriate link below. Camie ® Mold Sprays ADHESIVE: 300 303 313 343 363 365 373 375 380 385 393

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