Dioctyl Sebacate Plasticizer Concerns In Ecuador

dioctyl sebacate (dos) - chemical supplier distributor

Dioctyl Sebacate (DOS) - Chemical Supplier Distributor

Dioctyl Sebacate(DOS) is used as a plasticizer for PVC, nitrocelluloses, styrene resins, and synthetic rubbers where low temperature performance is required. DOS is also compliant with FDA CFR 21 for food contact materials. Dioctyl Sebacate can also be used in lubricants to allow more mobility at lower temperatures.

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dioctyl sebacate

Dioctyl sebacate

Dioctyl sebacate (di(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate) is an organic compound which is the diester of sebacic acid and 2-ethylhexanol.It is an oily colorless liquid and is used as a plasticizer, including in the explosive C4. It has also found use in Dot 5 brake fluid.Furthermore, the substance is also commonly used as seed particle for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV).

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dioctyl sebacate

Dioctyl Sebacate

Dioctyl Sebacate,For its excellent insulativity and strong weather resistance property, it is often used for the production of cold resistance wire, cable material, artificial leather, pellicle, plank stuff, sheet material and so on_OKCHEM

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dioctyl sebacate(dos)

Dioctyl Sebacate(DOS)

DOS is a low temperature plasticizer for various synthetic rubbers, it has no effect on the vulcanization of rubber . 1. Introduction . 2. (1)Product name:Dioctyl Sebacate(DOS) (2) Appearance: Colou r less liquid (3)CAS NO.: 2432-87-3 (4)EINECS NO.: 219-411-3 (5)Molecular Formula: C20H37NaO7S . 2. technical Specification

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dos (dehs) plasticizer

DOS (DEHS) Plasticizer

Dioctyl sebacate (DOS) is the best plasticizer for PVC polymers. DOS is remarkable for its lowest volatility as compared to other industrial plasticizers - DBS, DOP and DBP (Table1). This quality provides the lowest plasticizer migration from the given PVC polymer, long-term stability of the polymeric composition properties and its resistance ..

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dioctyl sebacate supplier | casno.122-62-3

Dioctyl sebacate supplier | CasNO.122-62-3

The IUPAC name of Dioctyl sebacate is bis(2-ethylhexyl) decanedioate. With the CAS registry number 122-62-3, it is also named as 1-Hexanol, 2-ethyl-, sebacate. The product's categories are Fatty Acid Esters (Plasticizer); Functional Materials; Plasticizer.

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a viable and sustainable alternative to dioctyl sebacate

A Viable and Sustainable Alternative to Dioctyl Sebacate

In the coatings industry, soft PVC is mainly used to coat truck tarpaulins, marquees, floor coverings and as metal coatings. While dioctyl sebacate (di(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate, or DOS) is a widely used plasticizer, it has become more challenging for companies to acquire sebacic acid-based plasticizers like DOS due to increasing costs, along with the uncertainty and lack of stable supply of ..

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dioctyl sebacate | c26h50o4

Dioctyl sebacate | C26H50O4

Decanedioic acid, dioctyl ester. Witamol 500. Sebacic acid, dioctyl ester. Sebacic Acid Di-n-octyl Ester. UNII-CG4EO6A0O2. Sebacic Acid Dioctyl Ester. EINECS 219-411-3. CG4EO6A0O2. Sebacic acid dioctyl. Di-n-octyl Decanedioate. ACMC-1BRIJ. DSSTox_CID_27537. DSSTox_RID_82403. DSSTox_GSID_47537. SCHEMBL37168. Dioctyl sebacate, AldrichCPR ..

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evaluating plasticizers for elastomers used in high

Evaluating Plasticizers for Elastomers used in High

unrealistically high levels. However, if the plasticizer does not detract significantly at those quantities, it will surely handle lower level needs effectively. Acrylic Vamac B-124 MB1. Plasticizers evaluated with Vamac B-124 MB were dioctyl sebacate (DOS), dibutoxyethoxyethoxyethyl adipate [DB(3E)A], dibutoxyethoxyethyl

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plasticizer selection for elastomers - chemceed

Plasticizer Selection for Elastomers - Chemceed

Although majority of plasticizers are used in flexible PVC applications, a significant amount of plasticizers are used for elastomer applications. Plasticizers can be added to elastomers for various reasons: increasing softness or flexibility, lowering the glass transition temperature, reducing crystallization, increasing dispersion, or lowering the cost of the compound.

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diocty sebacate—dos

Diocty Sebacate—DOS

Diocty Sebacate—DOS 2432-87-3,It is applicable for Polyvinyl Chloride,vinyi chloride copolymer,polystyrene ,and synthetic rubber and other resins,it is particularly applicable used in production cold-resistant electrical wire&cable’s clad, leatheroid,film,plank,sheet and so on,also often together use with phthalate esters_OKCHEM

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dioctyl sebacate, 122-62-3

dioctyl sebacate, 122-62-3

Use: HallStar DOS is a multifunctional (nonoily emollient, solvent, lubricant, plasticizer), synthetically produced diester of 2-Ethylhexanol and castor-derived Sebacic Acid. Its common chemical name is Dioctyl Sebacate. It is has a non-oily, silky skin feel and spreads easily. It is hydro-alcoholic compatible, can improve the spreading of oil ..

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plasticizers and solvents

Plasticizers and Solvents

Plasticizer with cold resistance for polyvinylchloride film and leather. DBS Dibutyl sebacate CH 2COOC 4H 9 | (CH 2) 6 | CH 2COOC 4H 9 314 Colorless clear liquid ≦30 0.938± 0.003 ≦0.05 ≦0.20 — ≧99.0 — 345 《101kPa》-9 [7.5] 190 190kg Drum Tasteless and odorless. High performance for cold resistance. Bringing higher processability ..

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plasticizer - non phthalate plasticiser wholesale

Plasticizer - Non Phthalate Plasticiser Wholesale

We are instrumental in offering Dioctyl Phthalate (Dop), which is a general-purpose plasticizer.It has all the properties required for pvc processing, therefore it is highly compatibile with pvc. Moreover, it is widely used as a plasticizer for pvc cables and wires, leather cloth, perfume fixative, adhesives, floor coverings, nitrocellulose, films, calendars, synthetic & natural rubber ..

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dioctyl phthalate - an overview | sciencedirect topics

Dioctyl Phthalate - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

The presence of two plasticizers, dioctyl phthalate (DOP) and diisooctyl phthalate (DIOP), in a drug formulation caused significant concern to the pharmaceutical companies since aromatics of this type are under regulatory scrutiny.

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global dioctyl sebacate (dos) market 2021 share

Global Dioctyl Sebacate (DOS) Market 2021 Share

Global Dioctyl Sebacate (DOS) Market 2021 Share, Manufactures, Key Regions, Revenues, Market Trends and Challenges | Impact of Covid-19 from the Industry Chain Posted on Dec 4 2020 4:36 AM >Global ..

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dioctyl sebacate - registration dossier

Dioctyl sebacate - Registration Dossier

Display Name: Dioctyl sebacate EC Number: 219-411-3 EC Name: Dioctyl sebacate CAS Number: 2432-87-3 Molecular formula: C26H50O4 IUPAC Name: 1,10-dioctyl decanedioate

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eastman | dop plasticizer

Eastman | DOP Plasticizer

DOP Plasticizer is a light colored, low volatility, odorless liquid. It is the most widely used all-purpose plasticizer for use with polyvinyl chloride resins. It is insoluble in water and has a viscosity of 56 cP at 25°C. DOP features good stability to heat and ultraviolet light, a broad range of compatibility, and excellent resistance to hydrolysis.

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dioctyl sebacate (dos) 122-62-3

Dioctyl sebacate (DOS) 122-62-3

We produce highly pure Dioctyl sebacate from sebacic acid produced in our plants. Customers have highly evaluated our stable quality for many years. It also has other names; Bis(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate, Di(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate and Sebacic acid di(2-ethylhexyl) ester.

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dioctyl sebacate (dos) - guangdong sky bright - datasheet

Dioctyl sebacate (DOS) - GuangDong Sky Bright - datasheet

Dioctyl sebacate. Acts as a plasticizer. Has plasticized high efficiency, low volatile, very good cold resistance, better heat resistance, electrical insulation and lightfastness. Particularly applicable to production of cold wire and cable materials, leather film, sheet metal, such as sheet chang and phthalate esters at the same time.

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