C12H14O4 CAS NO:84-66-2 Diethyl Phthalate DEP In Lebanon

diethyl phthalate | c12h14o4

Diethyl phthalate | C12H14O4

Diethyl phthalate | C12H14O4 | CID 6781 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities ..

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diethyl phthalate(dep) -henan go biotech co.,ltd

Diethyl Phthalate(DEP) -Henan GO Biotech Co.,Ltd

Diethyl Phthalate(DEP) Molecular: C12H14O4 CAS NO: 84-66-2 Applications: Diethyl phthalate has good compatibility with most resins such as vinyl resin and cellulose. Often used as a plasticizer for cellulose resins, it has good low temperature flexibility and durability.

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diethyl phthalate - substance information

Diethyl phthalate - Substance Information

Diethyl phthalate. Regulatory process .. The CAS number is the substance numerical identifier assigned by the Chemical Abstracts Service, a division of the American Chemical Society, to substances registered in the CAS registry database. .. CAS no.: 84-66-2. Mol. formula: C12H14O4. Hazard classification & labelling Hazard classification and ..

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diethyl phthalate by maru chem industries. supplier

Diethyl Phthalate by Maru Chem Industries. Supplier

Diethyl phthalate Cas no.: 84-66-2 H.S no.: 29173400 Molecular formula: c12h14o4 Molecular weight: 222.24 Structure: Appearance property: transparent, colorless or yellowish oily liquid, insoluble in organic solvents, with a slightly aromatic odor.

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diethyl phthalate - registration dossier

Diethyl phthalate - Registration Dossier

Reference substance name: Diethyl phthalate EC Number: 201-550-6 EC Name: Diethyl phthalate CAS Number: 84-66-2 Molecular formula: C12H14O4 IUPAC Name: 1,2-diethyl benzene-1,2-dicarboxylate

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diethyl phthalate(dep) | cas no.84-66-2 - rooloong

Diethyl Phthalate(DEP) | CAS No.84-66-2 - Rooloong

Product Name:Diethyl Phthalate(DEP) CAS No.:84-66-2. Properties:This product is of transparent, free running or pale yellow oily liquid of aroma odor, dissolved in water but not in organic solvent.The boiling point is 295.C(760mm Hg).

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ethyl phthalate, ethyl phthalate suppliers

ethyl phthalate, ethyl phthalate Suppliers

Diethyl Phthalate (DEP) English name: Diethyl Phthalate (DEP) Molecular Formula: C12H14O4 Molecular Weight: 222.24 Cas No. : 84-66-2 HS Code : 29173400 Appearance: Colourless, transparent oily liquid, slight aromatic odour Package: In 200, 210, 220kg per Iron drum or plastic drum Usage: Used as plasticizers, solvents, lubricants, given ..

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diethyl phthalate/84-66-2/dep - buy diethyl phthalate/84

Diethyl Phthalate/84-66-2/dep - Buy Diethyl Phthalate/84

Catalysts & Chemical Auxiliary Agents > Chemical Auxiliary Agent >

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buy diethyl phthalate(dep) cas 84-66-2,diethyl phthalate

Buy Diethyl Phthalate(DEP) CAS 84-66-2,Diethyl Phthalate

Welcome to buy Diethyl phthalate(DEP) CAS 84-66-2 from AECOCHEM,which would be your reliable partner in China.AECOCHEM is a professional chemicals supplier.If you are interested in Diethyl phthalate(DEP) or want to purchase from China, please send E-mail to [email protected] Identification: Product Name: Diethyl phthalate(DEP)

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diethyl phthalate

Diethyl phthalate

Little is known about the chronic toxicity of diethyl phthalate, but existing information suggests only a low toxic potential. Studies suggest that some phthalates affect male reproductive development via inhibition of androgen biosynthesis. In rats, for instance, repeated administration of DEP results in loss of germ cell populations in the ..

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chemical information profile for diethyl phthalate [cas no

Chemical Information Profile for Diethyl Phthalate [CAS No

Diethyl Phthalate Nomination Summary Chemical Name: Diethyl Phthalate CAS RN: 84-66-2 Formula: C 12H 14O 4 Molecular Wt.: 222.24 Basis for Nomination: Diethyl phthalate (DEP) is nominated by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences for reproductive toxicity studies based on widespread exposure

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diethyl phthalate c12h14o4 – detectors & protection

Diethyl phthalate C12H14O4 – Detectors & Protection

Get information about Diethyl phthalate C12H14O4 and fitting detectors and PPE. testing, monitoring protective equipment 1500+ substances database

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diethyl phthalate - ion science uk

Diethyl phthalate - Ion Science UK

How to detect Diethyl phthalate. Formula: C12H14O4 | CAS: 84-66-2. Synonyms: diethyl benzene-1,2-dicarboxylate, diethyl 1,2-benzenedicarboxylate, ethyl phthalate ..

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diethyl phthalate,ethyl phthalate,dep cas no.84-66-2

Diethyl phthalate,Ethyl phthalate,DEP CAS NO.84-66-2

Diethyl phthalate,Ethyl phthalate,DEP 84-66-2 Suppliers,provide Diethyl phthalate,Ethyl phthalate,DEP 84-66-2 product and the products related with China (Mainland) Diethyl phthalate,Ethyl phthalate,DEP 84-66-2 QINGDAO SUN TECH INDUSTRIES & TRADING CO., LTD China (Mainland)

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diethyl phthalate 84-66-2 - buy diethyl phthalate,diethyl

Diethyl Phthalate 84-66-2 - Buy Diethyl Phthalate,Diethyl

The Packaging of Diethyl phthalate CAS NO. 84-66-2 2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid diethyl ester . The usual one package of Diethyl phthalate is 25kg/drum or 200kg/drum. But we could also subpackage it according to our customers' requirements. Such as 1kg/drum, 5kg/drum, 10kg/drum,etc.

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cas 84-66-2,diethyl phthalate

Cas 84-66-2,Diethyl phthalate

Lookchem Provide Cas No.84-66-2 Basic information: Properties,Safety Data,Sds and Other Datebase. We also Provide Trading Suppliers & Manufacture for 84-66-2 Diethyl phthalate.

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diethyl phthalate(dep) | accelerators and antioxidants

Diethyl Phthalate(DEP) | Accelerators and Antioxidants

Type: Diethyl Phthalate(DEP) Molecular: C12H14O4 CAS NO: 84-66-2 Applications: Diethyl phthalate has good compatibility with most resins such as vinyl resin and cellulose. Often used as a plasticizer for cellulose resins, it has good low temperature flexibility and durability.

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diethyl phthalate | c12h14o4 | 678978 | 84-66-2

Diethyl phthalate | C12H14O4 | 678978 | 84-66-2

Synonyms : DEP Formula : C12H14O4 Molecular Weight : 222,24 g/mol CAS-No. : 84-66-2 EC-No. : 201-550-6 No components need to be disclosed according to the applicable regulations: Formula: C12H14O4: Molecular Weight (g/mol) 222.24: CAS-No. 84-66-2: FIRST AID MEASURES: 4.1 Description of first aid measures General advice Consult a physician.

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cas no.84-66-2,diethyl phthalate suppliers

CAS No.84-66-2,Diethyl phthalate Suppliers

Good quality Diethyl phthalate//DEP cas 84-66-2. Min.Order: 1 Metric Ton FOB Price: USD $ 0.0-0.0/Metric Ton Diethyl Phthalate (DEP) CAS No.:84-66-2 99.5%min Strong supplier of Diethyl Phthalate from China Diethyl Phthalate (DEP) CAS No.:84-66-2 Chemical formula and molecular weight Chemical formula:C12H14O4 Molecular we

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